I am one of New Orleans little known secrets. As the CEO and founder of CGP Music AND Got Paper Entertainment, I've had the privilege of guiding and consulting with many of New Orleans' most talented individuals. I was always responsible for being a visionary for our projects and to always gain knowledge to adapt as the industry and the world around us changes.

This site will serve as a place to learn and also to be entertained. Known as a jack of all trades and a master of none, this site will offer blogs on many varying subjects from sports, music, movies and politics to tips on etiquette and helpful and resourceful topics on how-tos about finances, bartending and basically whatever else i feel is on my mind that day. my grammar won't be close to perfect as that is not my intention but I do hope to clearly communicate my opinions as precisely and comprehensively as I can. I'll do my share of ranting and raving but join me for some fun and socializing as well! WHO DAT!

I will also try to review and showcase local talent. So if anyone is trying to be heard, contact me about being featured.

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